François Monti is a Belgian journalist, translator and writer based in Madrid since 2009.

He regularly writes for French magazine Ginger, founded in 2012 by Fernando Castellon, and the Havana Cocteles website from Havana Club. His blog, Bottoms Up, is a must-read for french- and spanish-speaking cocktail afficionados. Since January 2014, François Monti also has a blog on Spanish platform Cocteleria Creativa, where he examines various historical mixological myths.

After 'Prohibitions', a short pamphlet against the State’s anti-alcohol policies and a historical journey through the Gin Craze, the American prohibition and the absinthe ban in France, François Monti has recntly published '101 Cocktails', an exploration of cocktail culture and history in as many recipes.

He is currently working on several other projects. His investigations turn around the history of the cocktails and bartenders, with a strong focus on the moments when alcohol and cultural history intersect.

In the literary field, his interest in bold fiction has led him to translate several books from Spanish to French. He is also a founding member of the online review Fric Frac Club and former 'European Editor' for The Quarterly Conversation.

His writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as El Mundo, Le Matricule des Anges, Quimera, Cyclocosmia or Le Spectacle du Monde.

  • Cocktail and spirits journalist
  • Historical investigations for brands and events
  • Historical consultancy for brands, bars and events
  • Training and seminars for events, brands and companies
  • Translations from English to French (press releases, books, articles...)
  • Thematical guest bartendings
  • Communication consultancy